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I Don’t Compete, But The Industry Is A Competition — Lynxxx


Nigerian Rapper Lynxxx, has disclosed that as an artiste, they try to learn more in other to improve themselves as sound keeps changing from time to time.

He stated that though he is not in any competition with anybody, but noted that the Nigerian entertainment industry as a whole is a competition because everybody just wants to be heard in every little way.

Speaking about the challenges in the industry, Lynnx disclosed that the challenges faced is that there is no major distribution network in Nigeria which is why some artistes find it difficult to survive.

He called on artiste to always try to package themselves well and have a good management team before setting out to do their song.

The artiste further explained that being able to balance the want of the masses with that of a record label who will want to determine what they want is also another challenge faced in the industry.

According to him, “you do not expect the masses who buys your song for N150 to later come and buy it for N1000 all because of the packaging a company like Sony has come to give your music, so it will not work.”


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