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Abandoned ‘Chibok’ girl said to be incoherent as FG flies her to Abuja

The Federal Government has moved the Chibok girl, Susan Ishaya, abandoned by Boko Haram, to Abuja .According to The Nation,she was moved from the Police Hospital in Yola on Saturday to an undisclosed location in Abuja where she is receiving treatment.

Susan’s identity is yet to be confirmed or her parents identified, since the parents, who travelled to Yola to meet her with the Vice Principal of the Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok were unable to see her because she was flown out without their knowledge.
The Director of Publicity, Kibaku Area Development Association (KADA), Dr. Manasseh Allen, spoke yesterday in Abuja at the gathering of the #BringBackOurGirls advocacy members.
His words: “She was moved by security agencies to Abuja from Yola yesterday. Her location has not been disclosed to us, they are working on her medical condition first before they can acquire any information from her.They have found out that she is still incoherent, she keeps repeating herself and at times she keeps repeating statements, which means we cannot depend on her words for now,
but our leaders are in touch with the authorities and government. As I speak to you now, there are people on standby waiting on the military authorities so that they can have access to Susan and ensure proper medical attention is given to her before we can go on with whatever can come after.
“No parent has made any contact with her. As I’m speaking to you, no one can say she is from Chibok because no one is yet to meet her.
“My concern is that in every rehabilitation, family is essential, even in the healing process. So it is essential that Susan is reunited with her family as soon as possible so that the process of her psychological healing will be complete.”


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