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Topic: Abuja Female Banker Sends Hubby Packing After He Impregnated Their 2 Househelps

There’s this hot gist about an Abuja top banker, Onome, who is in her late thirties, early forties. Who, a few days back, sent her husband of 4 years packing after it became obvious that the guy was just too randy for her liking.
According to CityPeople, it all started shortly after their marriage in the city’s registry in AREA 10 Garki, Abuja.
Less than two weeks in the marriage, dickson, her husband was always seen cruising her car about town with young ladies while she was busy at work.
Reports of his activities came to her hearing but she turned a deaf ear thinking it was out of jealousy
as the guy is quite handsome and a suave speaker.
When it became too much, Onome reportedly confronted hubby dickson who claimed the girls were models he was trying to groom.
After much pressure, dickson quit his job as a scout for models and events manager to face contracts which he got through his wife.
However, he went back to his ways and from then on, the couple had been in and out of crisis.
It came to a head about two weeks back when she decided that he had done enough damage.
Once, when she went abroad to deliver the couple’s only child, before she came back dickson had impregnated the house help who happens to be a distant cousin of hers.
Onome had to find a way to take care of the girl so that the story would not become a major scandal. In the process, people from her church were involved as much as dickson’s own parents.
The guy was said to have promised to turn a new leaf and indeed showed elements of remorse which made the wife to believe that he had indeed changed.
Based on this, she reportedly secured a loan for him to start a small business while she restored his use of her cars which he had been forbidden from touching.
About two months back, she had to travel out of Abuja for some meetings and a course in Lagos.
Given the nature of her husband’s business she allegedly asked her mother to come and help assist in taking care of her only child as the child was just recovering from a major operation.
The old lady was said to have been taken aback by her son-in law’s closeness to the house help and she mentioned it to her daughter who with benefit of hindsight sent the girl packing immediately.
Two weeks after the girl was sent packing, the house help’s relations came to the house to meet dickson’s mother in law and inform her that their daughter was pregnant for dickson.
Onome, according to sources, flew back to Abuja from Lagos and went home to throw her husband’s things out of the house swearing to get him arrested and rot in jail if he ever comes near the house again.


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