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Kim K vs Amber Rose -Who looked better with Kanye West(PHOTOS)

So I was thinking about Kanye’s latest rants and compared it with those days when he was dating Amber.He was wild but still put together..
Kanye sure took the world by storm when he decided to make Amber Rose his main chick in 2009.He virtually brought her to the limelight.They met on the set of a musical video and it was love at first sight.He introduced her to the world,to stardom but after 2 years it ended..Amber not only walked out a famous lady but richer too as she reportedly signed a non-disclosure contract(she would never reveal any of his secrets)which ran in to millions of dollars
Then she moved on to Wiz and it reportedly hurt Kanye so bad.He started dissing her during stage performances, in songs and interviews.Remember Deuces RMX,yes he dissed her real bad”I hate you but love your mum”.He even got into a backstage fight with Wiz when the latter warned him to quit his obsession with Amber and move on.
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Then Amber’s relationship with Wiz kept getting stronger and Kanye was lonely. He decided to go to Kim who had been there from the start.They had been reportedly having a fling for years and everyone claimed Kim had so many similarities with Amber.He dressed her the way he wanted her to dress, all the matching outfits and all.
Then Amber got pregnant ,engaged and Kanye decided to do same with Kim.After years of insulting Amber. Kanye accepted she was happier with Wiz and said “He was sorry and Amber remains very special to him”.In one of his tracks he said “The only nigger i respect in this industry is Wiz Khalifa”
However..people still say. Kanye and Amber looked better and more fun than Kanye and Kim…As a fan,I so loved Kanye and Amber.If for anything, his career soared and he wasn’t ranting allover the place like a mad man


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