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Comedian Omo Baba talks about business, marriage and his upcoming album

As I sat down in his living room waiting for him to come out of the bedroom for the interview, I suddenly fixed my gaze at a portrait of him in front of me and the gawky toothy smile which has become the trade mark of ComedianOmo Babano.1.
He sauntered into the living room and murmured some words of apology and sits right next to me as we settle down for this exclusive interview with NET. The Comedian/Actor/Compere talks about marriage, career and his upcoming album.
What you have been up to lately?
I have been working on a new project, helping the working class live longer than expected. We all know that the life expectancy for a Third World country like Nigeria is 45 years. So, I decided to give back to the society by organizing this comedy show once every week at RODIZZIO Bar and Lounge to help improve the health of the working class and reduce the stress associated with the hustle and bustle of Lagos life.
That is interesting. So when did you start this project?
It started precisely on the May 29, 2013. Like I said before, it is my own way of giving back to the society.
Most of your colleagues are getting married and quitting bachelorhood. When are you planning to get married and who is the lucky lady?
(Laughs)…Well I will be getting married soon and please don’t ask me about her. Allow her to rest. Any way she is a beautiful, intelligent and a wonderful woman, that’s the much I’m willing to tell about her but very soon I will be leaving bachelorhood. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed, soon ‘Fine boy’ will introduce ‘Mrs Fine boy’ to the world.
Let’s talk about your craft, when you mount the stage, where does your inspiration come from?
I am just like any writer or painter that gets inspiration from his environment. I read the Bible a lot and get inspiration from it. There are funny aspects of the Bible too but I don’t make jokes from these funny parts of the Holy Book. But, sincerely I get all my inspirations from my God given brain, though when I am on stage I get inspired by looking at my immediate environment. Frankly speaking, most of the things I say are spontaneous.
Besides comedy what other things are you into?
Omo Baba is an interior decorator, an actor, a musician and finally a confirmed businessman.
You released a few music singles in the past, when is your album coming out?
The album is ready and will hit the market soon. It is titled ‘Finally Fineboy’.
What kind of songs should we be expecting from the album and are there going to be collaborations?
The album covers a lot of genres of music and I have collaborations with the lateDagrin, Sound Sultan, 9ice, Terry G, GT da Guitarman, Isolate, Rocksteadyand the rest. It is a deviation from the norm and a breathe of fresh air’
What are your plans for the coming year?
The album should drop soon. Also, you will be seeing me on television featuring in sitcoms and I will definitely continue with my charity work and dabble into other businesses.


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