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‘Siduction will show my growth as a man and artiste’, Dr SID breaks down new album to NET

Dr SID is putting final touches to his second album titled ‘Siduction‘, the anticipated follow up to his solo debut, the very successful ‘ Turning Point ‘.
Preceding its release with four singles so far,‘ Love mine’, ‘ Lady don dada’, ‘ Talented’and ‘ Surulere‘, the Dentist-turned-rapper-turned singer is gearing up for another heavy release. Initially due on October 10, 2103 to mark his 10th year in the game, it was later pushed back by the labelMavin Records.
With a new single ‘Surulere‘ featDon Jazzyrecently released, the hype is super high for Sidney Esiri. NET caught up with the Doctor who broke down ‘Siduction‘ for us and his fans.
Your second album has been creatively titled ‘Siduction‘, what will it be themed around?
The album is themed around love and music and human (male-female) interactions
Other than Don Jazzy and BlayzeBeatz, who else will be producing on ‘Siduction’?
So far I also have Mavin producersAltimsandBabyFreshand323 Entertainment‘sSpellzon the album.
Where was recording done and is recording complete?
So far all the recording has been done at Mavin Records studios. A final track list has been released.
You released three singles (‘Love mine’, ‘Talented’, ‘Lady Don Dada’) in four weeks and then another ‘Surulere’. What’s the strategy behind dropping this album?
We had originally planned to release new singles from me in February but when I lost my father we had to push back the releases. We decided to put out the singles because we were behind schedule on theSIDUCTIONproject. I kind of like the idea of flooding the market with music.
5. Cameos and features?
Ice Prince was one of the first to record with me. The others includeTiwa Savage, D’Prince, Emma Nyra, Alexandra Burkeon the remix of ‘Baby Tornado’ and of course Don Jazzy on two songs.
6. Critics personally refer to your last album as a Nigerian contemporary top Pop project; do you feel this album can topple it?
Thank you so much, I’m humbled by the achievements of ‘Turning Point’, every artiste’s ambition is to make the next album better than the last. I’m very confident about the music I’m making right now and I believe this new album will definitely topple the last. SIDUCTION album is going to show my growth as a man and artiste, it’s definitely going to have a variety of songs that cut across genres, and songs that will take the listeners on a ‘siductive’ journey *winks*


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